Meet The Team
Travis Thompson

Captain Travis Thompson is a 5th generation Floridian and full-time fishing and waterfowl guide. To our knowledge, he is the only guide who switches to "waterfowl-only" during the season. Last year, Travis ran 84 duck hunts during the 69 huntable days, including Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Born in Central Florida, Travis grew up fueled by a love for the outdoors, be it chasing snook or doves or turkeys or teal . . . In addition to the time he spends guiding folks after the snook or duck of a lifetime, he has been published in multiple magazines and is a frequent contributor to Outdoors 360,, the Pointing Dog Journal, and Gunn & Hook’s Outdoor Journal. Travis is also the creator of the Cast and Blast Florida podcast.

When he’s not chasing tarpon or wood ducks, Travis spends most of his time with his wife of 6 years, Emily, and his kids, Olivia (18) and Will (11).

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Instagram: @travisthompson
Twitter: @travisthompson
Facebook: Travis Thompson
E-mail: [email protected]

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Cast and Blast Florida

Daniel Rogers
Daniel Rogers is an avid hunter and likes to fish too. He has hunted deer and turkeys most of his life but recently started hunting ducks (he is hooked). Daniel loves the outdoors as much as he loves his family.
Cody Poss
Cody is an avid hunter! he is an established taxidermist as well. He specializes in birds (waterfowl especially). Cody has done a lot to assist with the development of our woody call and our teal hen call.

Find him on face book : poss taxidermy
Instagram @ crittergitter